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My dream of beauty began on the catwalk. I began my career as a model in the 80s for French haute couture names such as Dior, YSL, Hermès and Alaïa. My years on the catwalk made me very aware of fashion and beauty. I witnessed the harmful effects on the skin of repeated make-up sessions and stress during shootings and travelling.

I became aware of the vulnerability of the skin and lack of real solutions, of skincare that would restore substance, glow and the density of youth to the skin. I was inspired by cosmetic surgery. During the years that followed, I learnt more about cosmetic procedures and I worked with world renowned cosmetic surgeons and researchers who helped me understand the mechanisms of the skin.

I was given the possibility of closely following the development of medical and surgical cosmetic procedures which, while offering increasingly advanced possibilities, sometimes forget about the quality and beauty of the skin.

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South african savannah

My quest took me to South Africa, to the beautiful mountainous region around Cape Town. The South-African veld not only gave its name to my brand but also offered up its most precious, richest and wildest resource: its botanical active ingredients. I discovered in this beautiful land prodigious plants that were unknown in the world of cosmetics up until then but which had long been incorporated by the Bushmen (the local population) had into their skincare and beauty rituals. I brought back some incredible natural treasures including Aloe Ferox, rooibos and Kalahari salts and gave them to the best French talents in the field of cosmetic formulation. They came up with exceptional beauty products that can reproduce the anti-age efficacy of cosmetic procedures while offering women the immediate results of backstage make-up artists at a fashion show.

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